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Principal's Welcome

Fr. George msfs

Touching lives and moulding future – this is our dream, aspiration, heartbeat and deep down longing of the heart. Here at St. Francis de Sales School, we do touch and mould the lives of the young boys and girls.

Human life consists of essentially four aspects- the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level of existence. In order to find balance, wholeness and fulfillment, we need to heal, develop and integrate all these four aspects of human existence. Our physical aspect is our ability to survive and thrive in the material world by taking care of human body and developing skills to sustain it. Our mental realm is our intellect, our ability to think and reason. The mental level of human existence consists of our thoughts, attitude, beliefs and value system. Developing the mental faculties of our being allow us to think clearly, remain open minded, yet discern intelligently. Our minds enable us to gather knowledge and wisdom from our life experience and from the world around us.

Our emotional aspect is our ability to experience life deeply, to relate to one another in a healthy manner, seeking meaningful contact and relationship with our brethren and nature around us. Our spiritual aspect is our inner existence, our soul – the being that exist beyond time and space. It connects us with the universe and the oneness of life. It provides us with deeper meaning and purpose of life by helping us to trust in God the Almighty.

To achieve wholeness and lead healthy, satisfying and balanced lives, we need to focus on understanding, developing, healing and integrating each of the above mentioned aspects. Here at SFS we do consider that all these four of these aspects are equally important. It is our solemn commitment to ourselves that we shall be doing everything to build up the totality of the child by focusing on all the aspects of human life by nurturing them from childhood. A total and complete person is not only our endeavor but our commitment and passion to ourselves.

God Bless SFS.