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Affiliation Status

Affiliation Status

The Circular No. CBSE/Aff./230076(SL.-00879-0809/24009, dated: 27/03/2008 the CBSE conveyed the sanction for the composite Provisional Affiliation for Secondary School Examination of the Board for a Period of Three Years w.e.f. 01.04.2008 to 31.03.2011. CBSE Affiliation number allotted to St. Francis De Sales School is – 230076.

Later, the Circular No. CBSE/AFF/230076(EX-01162- 1112)/2011/320792,dated: 24/06/2011, the CBSE conveyed the sanction for the extension of provisional affiliation of the school with the Board for its Secondary School Examination for a further period of three years w.e.f. 01/04/2011 to 31/03/2014.

The Circular No. CBSE/Aff./SS-00915-1112(230076)/2011/3/1989, Dated: 29.04.2011, the CBSE conveyed the sanction for Provisional Affiliation for Senior School Certificate Examination for a Period of Three Years w.e.f. 01.04.2011 to 31.03.2014 in the following subjects:

Languages:- English Core/Elective, Hindi Core/Elective.
Elective Subjects:- History, Political Science, Geography, Economics, Sociology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education, Business Studies, Accountancy, Information Practice, Entrepreneurship, Computer Science.

Farther, as per the Circular No. CBSE/Aff./-02484-1415/2014-15, Dated: 03.10.2014, the CBSE conveyed the sanction for Provisional Affiliation for Senior School Certificate Examination for a Period of Five Years w.e.f. 01.04.2014 to 31.03.2019.

Essential Conditions

NOC – "No Objection Certificate" was issued to St. Francis De Sales School, Satgaon, Narengi Guwahati-171 by Director of Secondary Education Assam in the Memo No. GIS/NOC/29/2005/Pt-1/117, Dated 30/06/2007.

REGISTERED SOCIETY – The school is run by a Registered Society named "MERMIER EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY". It has been registered under the Meghalaya Societies Registration Act XII of 1983.

LAND – As per the File No.KRN-1/05/Pt-1, the school has land, measuring 9 Bigha 1 Katha( 12312.27 square meter) situated in Dag No. 4,5,84 & 732 Patta No.9,10 at Kalita Kuchi Village, Mauza- Beltola, Dist. – Kamrup within the state of Assam.

The school has well qualified staff and the pupil teacher ratio is 25:1 and section teacher ratio is 1:1.5.

The school pays a handsome salary and admissible allowance to the staff as per pay scales prescribed by the state government.


The institution satisfies the condition laid down for school building, classroom etc. The minimum floor space provided is 1.5 square meter per student.

The number of students in a section of a class is 36.

The library is well equipped and spacious. Other than text book it has a total number of 6700 books.

The school subscribes sufficient number of newspapers and magazines that are suitable for students. It subscribes different newspapers like, The Hindu, Times of India, Telegraph, Sentinel, Assam Tribune, Amar Asom, Pratidin etc. It also subscribes more than 20 magazines such as, India Today, The Week, Sunday, Competition Success Refresher, Pratiyogita Darpan, Sports Star, Harvard business review etc. The size of a classroom is 10m x 8m.

Science labs are fully equipped and each has the size 10m x 9m.

Library room has the size of approximately 14m x 8m, fully equipped and has sufficient reading room facility.

The school has two separate computer labs, each with 25 computers, one for seniors and one for juniors. The math's lab is well equipped with geometrical instruments and other mathematical equipment.

There are separate rooms available for music, dance, arts and other activities.

The school has a spacious indoor basketball court which is also used as an auditorium, where recreation activities take place.